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PHP Innovation Award winners

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Innovation Award winners Congratulations to Leonardo Di Sarli!

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 Taurus Publisher PHP Redis Client Library
Send jobs to a Redis server using LUA scripts
Leonardo Di Sarli Brazil 33.33% 14
2 PHP RDAP Server
Process RDAP queries about an IP address or domain
Till Wehowski Germany 22.22% 13
3 PHP Redis Credential Manager
Manage credentials stored in a Redis server
Leonardo Di Sarli Brazil 11.11% 12
3 PHP Imagemap Class
Generate clickable image maps in HTML
Eric Jumba Kenya 11.11% 12
3 Laravel Stripe Integration Tutorial
Process Stripe payments in a Laravel application
Channaveer Hakari India 11.11% 12
3 PHP HTML Image Map
Generate HTML for image maps
Ujah Chigozie peter Nigeria 11.11% 12
7 PHP Transactional Containers
Wrap editing objects with a transaction manager
Smoren Freelight Russian Federation <1.00% 8
7 PHP AJAX Login with JWT and Fetch API
Login users using AJAX to send JWT to a server API
Rodrigo Faustino Brazil <1.00% 8
7 PHP Benchmark DTO Transform
Check the performance of several PHP DTO packages
Andrey Iatsenko Russian Federation <1.00% 8
7 Yuri Wordpress Portfolio Plugin
WordPress custom post type to show portfolio pages
Eric Jumba Kenya <1.00% 8
7 IFTTT PHP Server Monitor
Check if a server is up and notify a IFTTT service
Chun-Sheng, Li Taiwan <1.00% 8
7 PHP Game Geolocation
Game to add locations of crimes to a map
Rodrigo Faustino Brazil <1.00% 8
7 PHP Check Similarity of People Names
Get a similarity score between two people names
Ujah Chigozie peter Nigeria <1.00% 8
7 Laravel Make Service Command
Generate a command service from a stub class
Hicri Turkey <1.00% 8

Award Winners by Author of 2023

Rank Author Packages Points
1 Smoren Freelight Russian Federation 15 149
2 Rodrigo Faustino Brazil 8 67
3 JImmy Bo United States 6 64
4 Chun-Sheng, Li Taiwan 6 57
5 Adeleye Ayodeji Nigeria 7 51
6 Leonardo Di Sarli Brazil 4 45
7 Victor Andeloci Brazil 5 40
7 ASCOOS CMS Greece 3 40
7 DeGraciaMathieu France 3 40
10 Andrey Iatsenko Russian Federation 4 36

Award Winners by Country of 2023

Rank Country Packages Points
1 Russian Federation Russian Federation 22 220
2 Brazil Brazil 22 199
3 United States United States 12 146
4 Nigeria Nigeria 17 143
5 France France 7 87
6 Germany Germany 8 77
7 Taiwan Taiwan 6 57
8 India India 5 56
9 United Kingdom 4 46
10 Turkey Turkey 5 45

All time award winners

Rank Author Packages Points
1 Dave Smith United States 32 316
2 Scott Arciszewski United States 28 211
3 Christian Vigh France 20 188
4 Moamen Eltouny Egypt 20 185
5 Peter Kahl Hong Kong 23 176
6 Pierre-Henry Soria 17 172
7 Cesar D. Rodas Paraguay 25 171
8 zinsou A.A.E.Mo´se Benin 23 163
9 Smoren Freelight Russian Federation 15 149
10 Er. Rochak Chauhan India 15 141

All time award winner countries

Rank Country Packages Points
1 United States United States 257 1891
2 Brazil Brazil 154 1235
3 Russian Federation Russian Federation 143 1111
4 Germany Germany 153 1079
5 India India 119 1005
6 France France 126 957
7 Nigeria Nigeria 84 712
8 Italy Italy 98 711
9 Spain Spain 85 660
10 United Kingdom 102 653

Winners of November of 2023

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 Ala PHP API Micro-Framework
Generate base code for API using a query builder
Leonardo Di Sarli Brazil 18.18% 11
1 PHP Movie Game
Game of TV managers that battle for prime time
Robert Devenyi Canada 18.18% 11
1 Backup4WP
Backup and restore your WordPress website
Olaf Lederer The Netherlands 18.18% 11
4 Simple PHP AJAX Load Page Without Refresh
Load pages faster dynamically using AJAX requests
Okanlawon Anuoluwapo Nigeria 9.09% 8
4 PHP Bitcoin Private Key Find
Search for private keys of virtual currency wallet
Rodrigo Faustino Brazil 9.09% 8
4 PHP Crypto Currency Exchange
Simulate the selling and buying of cryptocurrency
Rodrigo Faustino Brazil 9.09% 8
4 PHP Shipping Calculator
Calculate shipping fees based on the distance
Ujah Chigozie peter Nigeria 9.09% 8
4 PHP Generate ULID
Generate, validate, and recover ULID values
Leonardo Di Sarli Brazil 9.09% 8
9 PHP Banking System API
API to implement banking transactions
Mateo Peru <1.00% 3
9 Laravel MongoDB CRUD Blog
Blog that uses CRUD record operations with MongoDB
Akinshola Samuel AKINDE Nigeria <1.00% 3
9 Tamagoshi PHP Cryptocurrency Miner Virtual Pet
Game to manage a cryptocurrency miner pet
Rodrigo Faustino Brazil <1.00% 3

Winners of October of 2023

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Benford's Law
Detect the probability of fraud in a data set
Er. Rochak Chauhan India 30.00% 14
Develop applications that provide CRUD interfaces
Rodrigo Faustino Brazil 30.00% 14
3 Wordpress ChatGPT Ban Spam Comments
WordPress plugin to ban spam comments with ChatGPT
Mr.shaggyy83 Turkey 20.00% 12
4 PHP AJAX Character Counter
Count characters in a text input using AJAX
Pierre-Henry Soria 10.00% 11
4 PHP PostgreSQL Show Table Relationships
Find relationships between PostgreSQL tables
Moisés Lima Brazil 10.00% 11
6 One WordPress Game Theme
WordPress theme for a gaming blog and podcast
Victor Andeloci Brazil <1.00% 9
6 WordPress Attachments Plugin for Posts and Pages
Attach files to WordPress posts with a metabox
Victor Andeloci Brazil <1.00% 9
6 D3 PHP Icon SVG Image Render
Generate HTML for standard icons and country flags
Uldis Nelsons Latvia <1.00% 9
6 PHP RSS Feed Gallery Generator for Audio
Generate a RSS feed and gallery for audio files
Victor Andeloci Brazil <1.00% 9
6 Cryptonita
Encrypt and decrypt data with symmetric encryption
Rodrigo Faustino Brazil <1.00% 9
6 PHP MongoDB CRUD Example of API
API that provides CRUD operations with MongoDB
Okanlawon Anuoluwapo Nigeria <1.00% 9
6 PHP Exchange Rate API Proxy
Provide API to return currency exchange rates
jean paul Delaye Mexico <1.00% 9
6 Temporary PHP File Hosting
Host shared files to be downloaded for some time
Parsa Yazdani Australia <1.00% 9
Example of the AppML to build CRUD pages
Rodrigo Faustino Brazil <1.00% 9

Winners of September of 2023

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 S3 B2B PHP Amazon S3 File Manager
Manage files stored in multiple Amazon S3 buckets
Nyi Nyi Lwin Myanmar 33.33% 14
2 mimey PHP MIME Type Conversion
Convert between file extensions and MIME types
Eric Sizemore United States 22.22% 13
2 PHP Imagick SVG to PHP
Convert an SVG image to PNG removing transparency
Ahmed Abdulla Bahrain 22.22% 13
4 PHP Non Blocking CLI
Implement CLI scripts that do not block the output
JImmy Bo United States 11.11% 11
4 PHP Hex Color Value Enum
Retrieve color values used in CSS stylesheets
Angel Campos Spain 11.11% 11
6 Project P Wordpress Podcast Theme
Publish pages for a podcast in a WordPress site
Victor Andeloci Brazil <1.00% 9
6 SB PHP Menu Builder
Create menus and store definitions in files
JImmy Bo United States <1.00% 9
6 PHP Composer Install Mushroom Hook Manager
Run Composer package post-installation scripts
Smoren Freelight Russian Federation <1.00% 9
6 PHP HTTP Code Sample Snippet Generator in Multiple Languages
Generate code snippets to make HTTP requests
Isa Eken Turkey <1.00% 9
6 PHP Database Backup
Take a database backup periodically
Ahmad Mustapha Nigeria <1.00% 9
6 Swotch PHP File Change Event Watch
Watch file changes in PHP Swoole applications
Ahmad Mustapha Nigeria <1.00% 9
6 Laravel Local Email Sender
Send email messages to logs that can be viewed
Andrey Iatsenko Russian Federation <1.00% 9
6 Maniruzzaman WordPress Frontend Editor
WordPress plugin for visual front-end development
Maniruzzaman Akash Bangladesh <1.00% 9
6 My Wordpress Crawler Plugin
Block bots that do not benefit WordPress sites
Mr.shaggyy83 Turkey <1.00% 9

Winners of August of 2023

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Scan Document
Scan and process scanned documents with NAPS2
Juan Camacho Belgium 33.33% 12
2 MarkDownify
Parse and render Github-flavored markdown as HTML
Juan Camacho Belgium 16.67% 11
2 Laravel Woocommerce Integration
Manipulate e-commerce objects with Woocommerce API
Stefan Ninic Bosnia and Herzegovina 16.67% 11
2 Laravel ChatGPT
Integrate ChatGPT in a Laravel Nova panel
Naif Alshaye Saudi Arabia 16.67% 11
2 PHP Image Correllation
Get the similarity between images with correlation
Dantigny francois France 16.67% 11
6 Laravel Route Coverage
Report the coverage of Laravel project tests
Andrey Iatsenko Russian Federation <1.00% 7
6 Easy PHP Config Bundle
Application configuration management using forms
Roni Bangladesh <1.00% 7
6 Yii2 Array Storage
Manage lists of values like associative arrays
Smoren Freelight Russian Federation <1.00% 7
6 PHP AJAX Image Upload with Progress Bar
Show a progress bar during image file upload
Adeleye Ayodeji Nigeria <1.00% 7
6 PHP API Assembler
Application to generate files to implement an API
Jorge Castro Chile <1.00% 7
6 PHP Website Informer Tools
Tool to show relevant information about Web sites
Pierre-Henry Soria <1.00% 7
6 PHP Voice Recognition
Recognize user voice using the Web speech API
joerverson Brazil <1.00% 7

Winners of July of 2023

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Sanitize Object
Process class variables with rules from comments
jawira Belgium 60.00% 7
2 PHP ChatGPT API Seeder
Generate constant seed data using ChatGPT API
Naif Alshaye Saudi Arabia 20.00% 6
2 Conway's Game of Life PHP
Implementation of the game of life simulation
Ogbemudia Osayawe Germany 20.00% 6
4 One WordPress RSS Feed Monitor
Monitor and publish podcasts as WordPress posts
Victor Andeloci Brazil <1.00% 4
4 Codedeyo WordPress Image to Text Extractor Plugin
Extract text from images using Tesseract.js
Adeleye Ayodeji Nigeria <1.00% 4
4 PHP Console Progress Bar
Display bars for in-progress console tasks
Niko Peikrishvili Georgia <1.00% 4
4 WordPress Delete User API
Add a WordPress API call to delete user accounts
Adeleye Ayodeji Nigeria <1.00% 4

Winners of June of 2023

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Merge Excel Files Merge Excel Files To One Per Column
Create an Excel file from other spreadsheet values
Max Base United States 33.33% 17
2 EnvKey PHP
Load environment variables from the EnvKey service
EnvKey United States 16.67% 16
2 PHP Encryption Tools
Encrypt, decrypt, sign, verify data with OpenSSL
Smoren Freelight Russian Federation 16.67% 16
2 Lablnet Detect Ad Blockers PHP Library
Detect and block browsers using ad blockers
Muhammad Umer Farooq Pakistan 16.67% 16
2 PHP Backwards Compatibility Library
Functions of newer PHP versions for older versions
ASCOOS CMS Greece 16.67% 16
6 PHP Dependency Injection Calculator
Perform math calculations using an injected object
Chun-Sheng, Li Taiwan <1.00% 12
6 PHP PostgreSQL JSONB Performance
Measure the performance of PostgreSQL JSONB fields
Insolita Russian Federation <1.00% 12
6 PHP Server Status Script
Check a status file to determine if a site is down
Aleksandar Vranesevic Serbia <1.00% 12
6 ASCOOS CMS Popular Contents
Block to display the most popular site contents
ASCOOS CMS Greece <1.00% 12
6 PHP Article Editor Block
Show article author details using ASCOOS CMS
ASCOOS CMS Greece <1.00% 12
6 PHP Multilanguage Site
Display texts translated into several languages
Alexander Eist <1.00% 12
6 Yii2 Active Record Explicit
Provide explicit behaviors to Yii2 ActiveRecord
Smoren Freelight Russian Federation <1.00% 12
6 PHP Plain Object with Class Variables Set from Array Values
Initialize data objects from arrays of values
Andrey Iatsenko Russian Federation <1.00% 12
6 Ade PHP WooCommerce API Authentication
Plugin to authenticate API calls with WooCommerce
Adeleye Ayodeji Nigeria <1.00% 12
6 PHP NASA Image of the Day API
Show the image of the day retrieved from NASA API
Chun-Sheng, Li Taiwan <1.00% 12
6 WordPress FAQ Plugin Block Element
Show frequently asked questions in WordPress pages
Adeleye Ayodeji Nigeria <1.00% 12
6 WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin
Plugin to book hotel rooms from WordPress site
Zacchaeus Bolaji Nigeria <1.00% 12

Winners of May of 2023

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 OpenAI Chat API PHP Completions Class
Chat application like ChatGPT using OpenAI GPT API
JImmy Bo United States 28.57% 14
1 PHP Excel Pivot Tables
Extends PHP Excel classes with pivot table support
Bill 28.57% 14
3 PHP Contact Form with Database Connection to SQLite
Process contact forms storing details using SQLite
JImmy Bo United States 14.29% 12
3 PHP NGram Comparator
Compare strings to find the level of similarity
JImmy Bo United States 14.29% 12
3 PHP Line Length Detector
Detect the line length of PHP source code files
DeGraciaMathieu France 14.29% 12
6 Uploady PHP Upload File to MySQL
Store file upload details in a MySQL database
Faris AL-Otabi Saudi Arabia <1.00% 9
PHP extension to implement the Porter stemmer
Chun-Sheng, Li Taiwan <1.00% 9
6 Searchy PHP Search Engine
Crawl, index and search multiple Web sites
Faris AL-Otabi Saudi Arabia <1.00% 9
6 PHP Women's Menstruation
Application to calculate women's menstruation days
Chun-Sheng, Li Taiwan <1.00% 9
6 Partial PHP Intersection Between Two Arrays or More Sets of Values
Get the values that multiple arrays have in common
Smoren Freelight Russian Federation <1.00% 9
6 PHP Dependency Management
Track class dependencies using callback functions
ryan silalahi Indonesia <1.00% 9
6 PHP PostgreSQL Get Column Details By Names
Find a PostgreSQL database table column by name
Lucas Figueiredo Brazil <1.00% 9
6 PHP IP Logger
Track user IP addresses that access certain pages
Faris AL-Otabi Saudi Arabia <1.00% 9
6 Bitrix24 PHP LibreOffice Convert DOCX to PDF and JPEG
Convert Microsoft Word DOCX documents to PDF
Alexey Starikov Russian Federation <1.00% 9

Winners of April of 2023

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 Laravel GPT
Send questions to Laravel ChatGPT API using models
Eric Jumba Kenya 16.67% 16
1 PHP Microservices Framework
Setup microservices apps with configuration arrays
Ramesh Narayan Jangid India 16.67% 16
3 Math PHP Library
Perform several types of math calculations
Smoren Freelight Russian Federation 8.33% 14
3 Nested PHP Accessor
Get and set values of nested arrays or objects
Smoren Freelight Russian Federation 8.33% 14
3 Simple Coop Uploads API
Store financial data in SQL server from Excel file
Okanlawon Anuoluwapo Nigeria 8.33% 14
3 PHP Multilanguage Site Script
Allow users to select the site text language
Alexander Eist 8.33% 14
3 PHP Real Time Hour Class
Get the real time according to the day of the year
Pierre FAUQUE France 8.33% 14
3 PHP HTML Generator Library with jQuery Support
Generate HTML with jQuery function call support
Kashif Rafi Pakistan 8.33% 14
3 PHP Google Contacts API
Access Google contacts with the Google People API
Stefan Kientzler Germany 8.33% 14
3 PHP Bookwhen API
Access booking information using the BookWhen API
Daniel Mullin 8.33% 14
11 PHP MySQL Info to MD
Generate a MySQL table structure Markdown report
Stefan Kientzler Germany <1.00% 6
11 PHP Holidays for Family Members Class
Get the holiday dates of the Mother, Father, etc.
Pierre FAUQUE France <1.00% 6
11 PHP JSON Encode Large Data
Encode large arrays to JSON using less memory
Ramesh Narayan Jangid India <1.00% 6
11 PHP Graph Tools
Tools for building and traversing directed graphs
Smoren Freelight Russian Federation <1.00% 6
11 PHP Command Line Parser
Invoke functions to process command-line arguments
Mat Jung Switzerland <1.00% 6
11 PHP SQLite Code Vault
Manage sets of code snippets stored in SQLite
JImmy Bo United States <1.00% 6

Winners of March of 2023

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Wording Detector
Generate reports on the usage of words in classes
DeGraciaMathieu France 30.00% 14
2 contao PHP Spambot Detection
Detect and block spam bots from accessing sites
stefan Germany 20.00% 13
3 KennerPIM
Product information management application
alex nov Ukraine 10.00% 12
3 Manejo Imagenes
API to perform image manipulation operations
Alfredo Rodriguez Costa Rica 10.00% 12
3 Monolog Quill
Log security events to Chronicle using Monolog
Scott Arciszewski United States 10.00% 12
3 PHP Type Tools
Helpers to perform operations about variable types
Smoren Freelight Russian Federation 10.00% 12
3 Yii2 Query Relation Manager
Run queries to model objects using filters
Smoren Freelight Russian Federation 10.00% 12
8 Yii2 Dependency Finder
Find dependencies of project that uses Yii2
Smoren Freelight Russian Federation <1.00% 7
8 miwo WordPress FTP Plugin
WordPress plugin to upload and manage files
Joko Prasetyo Indonesia <1.00% 7
8 PHP Event based Inheritance Model
Register handlers to process events in a chain
Smoren Freelight Russian Federation <1.00% 7
8 Livescore PHP Service
Retrieve live results of football games
Hicri Turkey <1.00% 7
8 PHP Work from Home Schedule
Propose a schedule to work from home or the office
Chun-Sheng, Li Taiwan <1.00% 7
8 kciaotime WordPress Theme
WordPress theme to customize different page parts
Joko Prasetyo Indonesia <1.00% 7
8 PHP XML Converter
Transform Indesign to eBundesanzeiger XML format
stefan Germany <1.00% 7

Winners of February of 2023

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 Symfony Multi Tenant
Example of multi-tenant application using Symfony
Nyi Nyi Lwin Myanmar 30.00% 11
2 PHP Map Tiler
Display maps using tile images on Web pages
Vitalij Mik Germany 20.00% 10
2 Find the Weird Duck PHP Game
Implements a Web version of the Find the Duck game
Martijn Waeyenbergh Belgium 20.00% 10
2 PHP Iteration Tools Library
Iterate and process arrays like Python itertools
Smoren Freelight Russian Federation 20.00% 10
5 PHP Have I Been Pwned API Search
Check if email addresses are in the HIBP database
Ákos Nikházy Hungary 10.00% 7
6 PHP StackExchange API
Access the StackExchange sites using its API
Nahid Bin Azhar Bangladesh <1.00% 6
6 PHP Probability Selector
Decide which item to select based on probabilities
Smoren Freelight Russian Federation <1.00% 6
6 Ade Woocommerce Custom Shipping
Add custom shipping options to a WooCommerce site
Adeleye Ayodeji Nigeria <1.00% 6
6 Laravel Stripe Checkout
E-commerce checkout that uses Stripe to pay orders
Maniruzzaman Akash Bangladesh <1.00% 6
6 Ade Simple WooCommerce Wishlist plugin
Plugin to add wishlists to WooCommerce sites
Adeleye Ayodeji Nigeria <1.00% 6
6 CFE Printer
Generate printable documents for sales in Brazil
Amós Assis Brazil <1.00% 6

Winners of January of 2023

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Big File Upload Update and Verify
Process file uploads and verify large files
Dantigny francois France 20.00% 16
1 PHP Font Chooser Menu
Display a menu to let users choose a text font
Bob Wright United States 20.00% 16
3 PHP CSS Editor Maker
Visual editor for CSS theme files using templates
Alec Sherman Mexico 10.00% 14
3 Tagydes
E-commerce Web administration panel and API
Wang China 10.00% 14
3 PHP Smelly Code Detector
Analyze PHP code to evaluate quality factors
DeGraciaMathieu France 10.00% 14
3 Yii2 MultiFS
File system providers to access configurable paths
Insolita Russian Federation 10.00% 14
3 ShareZipp
Shares files uploaded by users as ZIP archives
Hillary Kollan Ghana 10.00% 14
3 PHP Import CSV to PostgreSQL
Insert CSV file data into a PostgreSQL table
Moisés Lima Brazil 10.00% 14
Generate PHP scripts to browse YouTube videos
James Weisbrod Canada <1.00% 8
9 WP Emailer
Allow WordPress users to configure email settings
Maniruzzaman Akash Bangladesh <1.00% 8
9 Firma Imagen PHP
Generate image to use as signature for email
Enoc Espinosa Panama <1.00% 8
9 Profit and Loss PHP Calculator
Math class that can calculate profit and loss
Dev Sharma India <1.00% 8
9 Laravel Phone Number Validation
Validate phone numbers with country codes
Roman Kozin Ukraine <1.00% 8
9 Wepesi Mailer
Send email messages using a configured SMTP server
Boss Ibrahim Mussa Congo <1.00% 8
9 Root66
Calculate the square, cube, and 5th roots
Lance Otis United States <1.00% 8
9 IANA Enterprise Numbers Fetcher
Fetch and search the IANA PEN List
Till Wehowski Germany <1.00% 8

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