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Subject:Migrating to PHP5
Summary:Simple but big deal <?php VS <?
Author:Bob Burns
Date:2007-10-08 03:42:13
Update:2008-05-05 15:27:35

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Picture of Bob Burns Bob Burns - 2007-10-08 03:42:13
I am giving up and setting up a php5 server and migrating all my PHP4 code to 5 (much of it used to be 3 but has been remediated). When I move a module to the php5 server the <? some php code ?> does not get executed unless I use a <?php some php code ?> format. Is there a way to do this. I have thousands of lines of code with no "php" after the <? that would have to be remediated. I have looked in the documentation etc for an .ini variable with no luck. I hope somebody will laugh and call me a dummy but help me out.

Thanks so much if you can. If you can't well thanks anyway.


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