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Subject:OAuth monitoring
Summary:Monitoring Social Media Servers
Author:Mat Jung
Date:2017-12-22 22:46:27
Update:2017-12-27 06:04:38

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Picture of Mat Jung Mat Jung - 2017-12-27 06:04:38
This may not be the scope of PHPclasses,
but I would like to discuss a topic that is a kind of independent from PHP but at the same time very relevant for PHP.
As we all know, we need something like OAuth and further API when we want to connect our website with those of a social media company.

The social media companies tend to change there APIs every now and then. Also the OAuth specification changes over time.

I spent some time on the internet to search for a community or so that monitors the API activities of social media companies.
Up to now, I did not find anything, maybe you know something?

If not, how about, if we setup something?

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