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Subject:Image copy resize
Summary:imagecreate(): Invalid image dimensions in
Date:2005-05-28 10:56:18
Update:2005-12-03 11:21:09

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Picture of pixelizer pixelizer - 2005-05-28 10:56:18
i want to use this class.
but i get 2 error !..

Warning: imagecreate(): Invalid image dimensions in C:\Programme\Apache\..........\myProject\mod\eventlister\class\class_resize.php on line 61

Warning: imagecopyresized(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in C:\Programme\Apache\..........\myProject\mod\eventlister\class\class_resize.php on line 62

Notice: I put the class into a new folder called "class"
I Set the SAVETO funktion path to. function saveTo( $name = '', $path = "tmp/eventlister/" )

so i hope anybody can help me.

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Picture of sergio sergio - 2005-12-03 11:21:09 - In reply to message 1 from pixelizer
Also I have the same problem, I think it's something connected to the line where he had written this -> iOrig(...ecc..).
Iwonder if we'll get an answer, if so thank you very much.

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