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blank screen (demo-without-database)

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Subject:blank screen (demo-without-database)
Summary:error: blank screen
Author:Heikki Kurkela
Date:2015-08-31 07:40:02

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Picture of Heikki Kurkela Heikki Kurkela - 2015-08-31 07:40:02

1. I downloaded your PHP Multilingual class zip file
2. I extracted and uploaded the multilingual-library folder to my server
3. I tried to test it, ./demo-without-database

Doesn't work, I just see the blank white page when trying to access ./demo-without-database/index.php file. How to debug your class to be able to get it working? I tried to add error_reporting(E_ALL); at the beginning of index.php file but doesn't help.


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Picture of mohammad anzawi mohammad anzawi - 2015-08-31 19:33:05 - In reply to message 1 from Heikki Kurkela
its work with me.

plase read decumentation in github :


see this video :


this library not completed yet , in my plan the next week to complete
library and upload demo and documentation on internet.

Next Week You Can Use This Library in Your Projects :)


thank you