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Class:PHP Push Notification Android and iOS
Description:Send push notifications to Android and iOS devices

Subject Last update Replies
Very Helpful
Package rating comment
2017-06-22 06:11 0
It is an amazing class, very helpfull, but I need to adapt it.
Package rating comment
2015-07-01 12:27 0
Not working properly
Stop working stream_context_set_option
2015-05-21 13:03 0
interesting class for push notification
very interesting
2015-02-09 09:06 0
this class do not work !!!
Push Notification
2015-02-08 21:46 1
You should explain where to collect "android_smart_phone_id".
Package rating comment
2015-01-28 05:27 6
This is a very interesting class ;-)
Package rating comment
2015-01-26 17:00 6