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Omg Singleton?

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Subject:Omg Singleton?
Summary:Pleeaase let it not be a Singleton!
Author:rudie dirkx
Date:2011-01-26 15:01:32
Update:2011-01-26 16:35:19

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Picture of rudie dirkx rudie dirkx - 2011-01-26 15:01:36
Without reading the actual class code...

If you made the database connection a Singleton, you must be the dumbest shit ever. But I'm pretty sure you didn't do that...

Just because you get the instance with a static function, doesn't make it a Singleton. Look it up.

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Picture of Jason Gerfen Jason Gerfen - 2011-01-26 16:35:19 - In reply to message 1 from rudie dirkx
Using class methods to disable cloning and deserialization while ensuring only one instance exists is not a singleton?

Why wouldn't you want to prevent multiple instances?

I really want to hear your logic genius