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Subject:log in with username
Summary:lig in with username instead of email
Author:Vassil Voutev
Date:2020-02-10 14:15:00

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Picture of Vassil Voutev Vassil Voutev - 2020-02-10 14:15:00

i really like your work and appreciate the effort put in and given to others. I want to implement this into my personal page and was wondering that would be the easiest way to do so that users log in with username.

As a logic what i came to conclsion easiest would be to change the reg form from "First name, Second name..." to "Username, Full Name..."
so that i dont have to change any structure of mysql.
What i dont know how to fully implement is how to make the login accept username and password and not email and password.
I saw that these are in file login.php but i dont have the proficiency to change the code so that it works.
Could you please help me if it is not too hard in general?

Thank you in advance

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