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Subject:Great article
Summary:This is a ecxcellent artical worthing read
Author:peili cui
Date:2007-04-25 14:14:20
Update:2007-04-25 21:34:24

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Picture of peili cui peili cui - 2007-04-25 16:54:52
I have read all the articles you have post like this and learnt a lot from them. It is very hard to get these kinds of valuable info from other sites.

Currently I have my site running on a shared server. In the future I may move it to the dedicated server, what is you suggestions about on how to choose the host for dedicated server? or which host is the best for it.

I really appreciate.

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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2007-04-25 21:34:24 - In reply to message 1 from peili cui
Dedicated servers are expensive. If you do not have too much traffic, a good compromise may be a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

It is a virtual machine that lets you have full control of you server including access to the root user administrator account. No other hosting client can have access to your VPS virtual machine.

Usually, you can choose to install several types of Linux and Windows distributions.

There are VPS solutions starting from USD $15 per month. Low cost VPS restricts the disk space and RAM. But if your site does not consume to much resources it may be a good deal.

If you need more, you can upgrade to better plans with less restrictions, while keeping the same VPS.

The PHPClasses site was on a VPS server for a while.