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Can't Create Directories / Folders

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Subject:Can't Create Directories / Folders
Summary:Problems creating directories / folders .. try this ...
Author:Michael J. Fuhrman
Date:2013-09-01 22:52:18
Update:2013-09-02 03:51:05

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Picture of Michael J. Fuhrman Michael J. Fuhrman - 2013-09-02 03:51:05
If you experience that you can create a file perfectly fine, but can't create a directory or folder through a SAMBA share, then try issueing these two commands on your SAMBA server.

>setsebool -P allow_smbd_anon_write=1
>chcon -t samba_share_t /var/www/html

It took a lot of searching to find these two commands, so hopefully this will resolve your issues faster.

Reference: ...

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